Investors buying the apartments

Value-enhancing investments!

Investment prospects of the object include several factors that the buyer should take into account if he or she plans not only to invest in real estate but to capitalize as well. The profit of the investor who is buying the apartments in Match Point complex may be multi-level. 
It is commonly known that the real estate value depends on such factors as distance from subway, park, the city center, the district prestige status and its transport infrastructure. For example, residential apartment located close to recreation areas will a priori cost 10-15% more. In other words, if Match Point complex residents wish to sell their real estate in future, they will be able to use such advantage and increased price to their benefit as the project will be implemented near the Victory Park at the Poklonnaya Hill; moreover, the district of the future complex is neighboring one of the largest green areas of the city: Filyovsky Park. Another important factor is transport infrastructure. In terms of this factor, the project is also worth noticing as it is being implemented in a walking distance from the subway stations Park Pobedy, Bagrationovskaya and Filyovsky Park, capital skyscrapers of the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) “Moscow City” and within 15 minutes from the city center. 
You can expect to get the same increased price, i.e. 10-15%, due to beautiful view from the windows, not just on the forest or the park. Urban motives in terms of night lights and neon signs are equally valuable. The complex is of varied height, skyline apartments will be located at the 28th storey of the building. Furthermore, nowadays it is the only project being implemented in this location; this factor also contributes to increase of its investment prospects. 
The investor in future can make money from the real estate by renting it out. Minimum rental rate for a single-room flat in Moscow is 22 thousand rubles. Generally, such residential apartment is located in the city suburbs. Since Match Point project is being implemented at the first line from the city center, in the prestigious district of the Western Okrug, one of the most high-profile in the capital, it is clear that the rent value in such location will be higher. The apartments of the complex can be rented out at least for 30 thousand rubles per month. It is worth remembering that the investor will save money for renovation as all apartments in Match Point complex are offered in a finished condition, i.e. once the project is commissioned into operation, the owner can rent it out right away saving both time and profit as well.

Which document is issued to the buyers after co-investment agreement registration?

All apartment buyers are provided with the certificate of title: Certificate of State Registration of Property Title. This document equals to the one issued to the flat owners.

Can I register title to the apartment?

The owner is provided with the Certificate of Property Title. Based on this Certificate, the owner can make different actions with his or her real estate: sell, rent out, gift and perform other actions constituting the property right.

Are the social rights of the apartment owners preserved?

All social rights: obligatory medical insurance policy, vehicle registration, enrollment of the child to the school or preschool, registration in the polyclinic are available to Match Point residents.

Can I buy the apartment for the real estate mortgage?

The buyers who would like to use the real estate mortgage to buy an apartment need to collect the same set of documents as in case of the flat purchase. The set of the documents submitted may vary due to requirements of different banks.

How much are the utility payments in the apartments?

Rates for the housing and public utility services in the apartments are higher than in the flats. On average, utility payment costs will be 15% higher.

Rates for the housing and public utility services in the apartments are higher than in the flats. On average, utility payment costs will be 15% higher.

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for an opportunity to use the maternity capital during the apartment purchase.